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About Us
About the Bartow Youth Action Team: The Bartow Youth Action Team is made up of about twenty five high school students from all of the local high schools within Bartow County and the city of Cartersville. We hold monthly meetings at 140 Douglas Street in Cartersville, where the team works to raise awareness around specific national campaigns and educate the Bartow community on issues such as: teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, underage alcohol use, texting and driving, bullying, etc. The youth also develop strategies needed to promote positive youth development and involvement within their community.

The mission of the Bartow County Youth Action Team is to mobilize and equip the Bartow Community with information and strategies needed to promote positive youth development and involvement, improve community conditions, and address issues associated with the community.

To be created by the Bartow Youth Action Team.

    To promote...
  1. Leadership training opportunities for youth in Bartow County.
  2. Team building among all high schools in Bartow County.
  3. Events that provide free activities for youth, including: outdoor fun, teen town hall meetings, and entertainment.
  4. A stronger desire in youth for personal growth, knowledge, and success.
  1. Must be a resident of Bartow County, aged 15-19.
  2. Must be enrolled in school or an educational program.
  3. Must possess an interest in helping their peers.
  4. Must be able to attend monthly meetings.
  5. Must be available to assist with special events.
  1. Attend monthly Action Team meetings.
  2. Participate in the development of programs and events which serve youth.
  3. Participate in media interviews and events.
  4. Make recommendations to improve positive youth development and involvement.
  5. Be a positive role model for peers!

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