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Team Members
Anna Young (Floyd Youth Action Team)
I am a senior at Armuchee High School. I have three sisters and a brother and my favorite color is green. One day, I want to visit Antarctica; I also want to hike the Red Woods in California. Apart from the Floyd Youth Action Team, I am a member of National Honor Society and Key Club. I am also a 21st Century Leadership Alumni as well as a Worldview Academy Leadership Alumni. When I graduate, I plan to attend The University of Tennessee in Knoxville and study either Biomedical Engineering or Forensic Pathology.

Why you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community?
People do not always realize how their actions affect themselves, their family, or their community. Everyone makes mistakes, but without knowledge or support you just keep making them. Sometimes it is easier, as a young adult, to listen to people your own age. As a part of the Youth Action Team, we are helping our own generation and empowering other youth to be leaders themselves. The Youth Action Team is important because it is building the future of this community.

Hanna Hudspeth (Floyd Youth Action Team)
Hey! I'm Hanna Hudspeth, I am on the varsity volleyball team at Armuchee High School and I also play on a club team off season. I am the president of Key Club at my school, and I love to be involved in my community. In the future, I aspire to become a psychiatrist as well as to become fluent in Spanish.

Why you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community?
Adults tend to speak for youth. But we have our own voice, opinions, ideas, and views on every decision that is made in the community. With the help of YAT every student in Floyd and Bartow has easy access to being heard.

Kenzie Roberts (Floyd Youth Action Team)
I enjoy riding horses, and helping others. I am in Key Club. I intend on becoming a nurse when I graduate. My family and friends are always there to cheer me on, and keep me going.

Why you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community?
The Youth Action Team is important for our community because it helps the youth get in the community and learn how to help others in any way possible. Whether it be drinking, drugs, teen pregnancy, etc.

Kimberly Clay (Floyd Youth Action Team)
I am a senior at Rome High School and when I grow up I want to become a nurse practitioner. I love the arts and through singing and acting I try to make a difference in the world today. The youth action team has helped me to make life long friends while making a difference in my community.

Why you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community?
It is always important to want to make a difference in your community and this group helps to facilitate that.

Sami Clay (Floyd Youth Action Team)
My name is Samantha Clay and I am 16. I will be a junior in August at Coosa High School. I am involved in Varsity Softball and Varsity Cheerleading at CHS. I've had the privilege to travel to Europe for a school trip for 2 weeks and experience so many new things. After High School, I plan to go to medical school at Vanderbilt University or the University of Georgia to become a trauma surgeon.

Why you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community?
The Floyd Youth Action Team is important to our community because, as teenagers in high school, we see best what needs to change in our schools and around our young community. We are able to discuss and do our best to solve problems and make changes in Rome, Ga. We work together as a team to do what we see fit in our schools and community.

Thomas Herrin (Floyd Youth Action Team)
I love sports and helping people in anyway that I possibly can and always being positive. I'm a junior at Armuchee High school and I'm in key club, national, honors society and I announce 2 sports. I plan on going on to college and majoring in communications in sports broadcasting.

Why you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community?
It's important because we can relate to the Teens better and understand more where they come from even if our situation is way different.

Clair Hill (Floyd Youth Action Team)
I am a sophomore at Armuchee High School. I enjoy playing sports (including cross country, volleyball, and cheerleading), I like learning about history, and getting into a good book. I am a member of AHS's Key Club, FCA, and hopefully this upcoming year NHS. I plan on going to college (preferably a private Christian school or UGA), majoring in business and possibly law of some sort, and then try to travel some before I completely settle down.

Why you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community?
I believe that having a Youth Action Team will have a positive impact for many in our community because having teens who are enthusiastic about what they are supporting is a very powerful tool in todays society. The projects that my Team has, is, and will continue doing have, hopefully, already affected many teens and parents in Floyd county.

Madison Poole (Floyd Youth Action Team)
Hi everyone! I'm Madison, not Maddie. I attend Armuchee High School where, thankfully, I'll soon begin my senior year! I'm part of Key Club where we are involved in the community and experience community service jobs weekly. I play varsity soccer with some of my favorite people. After high school I want to attend college and be a veterinarian-I love animals and helping them. I always try to be my happiest self, so maybe I can make someone else happy by just keeping a smile on my face. I love helping people and plan on doing it for the rest of my life!

Why you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community?
Our community needs young people to bring attention to some of the major issues that are sometimes looked over. I think the FAT teaches young people to try and be involved in the community and make a difference. It brought light to so many subject I didn't know about, and has made me work harder to participate.

Marlin Wright (Floyd Youth Action Team)
I'm going to be an upcoming senior at Pepperell High School. I'm involved in leadership positions in several clubs such as Key Club, Student Council, FBLA, NHS, FCA, and HOSA. My career goal is to become a surgeon and have my own practice (specializing in neurology). I am one of the captains of our tennis team and also manage volleyball and track. I guess you could say I keep myself busy!

Why you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community?
The YAT is a very special group of highly influential students who have volunteered to be role models and try to help the youth of today and tomorrow. Any YAT is important to a community to try to educate, motivate, and guide young people to become responsible, knowledgeable, and independent. Today, worse than ever before, teenagers and other youth have many critical yet life changing questions they must face and we hope a YAT will assist the youth in developing a way to handle some of these difficult situations.

Kayla Walker (Bartow Youth Action Team)
I am currently a Junior at Woodland Highschool. I am an FCA leader and also a worship leader for our FCA. I'm an alumni of BartowCounty Chamber of Commerce youth leadership program. I enjoy kayaking, shopping, and serving others. I have a heart for underprivileged children in Africa and I hope to go on my first missionary trip ghus coming spring!! I want to attend UGA and major in Business management.

Why you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community?
I think that our youth action team is important to our community because it gets people informed on the struggles we as teenagers face every day. We want to be that change and we want to break the statistics and make a difference in our community to better the lives of the people surrounding us.

Victoria Grubbs (Bartow Youth Action Team)
I am currently a Senior at Adairsville High School. I am also dual enrolled at Kennesaw State University. I am a member of the Adairsville United Community Bank Junior Board of Directors as well as a member of the KSU Wesley Foundation. I enjoy reading, music, and serving others. My goal in life is to spend my days helping others and showing kindness to those who otherwise might never know it. I have been admitted to UGA and plan to attend there next fall as an Anthropology major. I hope one day to travel the world studying other people and cultures and helping whomever I can.

Why you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community?
The Youth Action Team is important in our community because it is a safe place for students who choose not to take part in harmful activities to go and be surrounded by other students who are likeminded. In our generation it is very hard to come by a way to be supported in staying on the right track and not getting into drugs and alcohol or other harmful behaviors. To have YAT allows for us to have close friends and mentors who support us in our healthy decisions and allows use to go out in the community and aid in the prevention of the misuse of alcohol and other drugs. We get to be a voice of positive behaviors among young people and examples for our peers.

Bryaunna Barrera (Bartow Youth Action Team)
My name is Bryaunna F. Barrera. The F stands for fun. I have a little sister and brother. I have a pet pig named Gordo and three crazy dogs. We are not a picture perfect family but we are good enough, that's what counts. J My favorite colors are light blues, dark reds and purples, and blacks. I am a senior at Adairsville High and am going to Georgia Regents University in the Fall. I love to volunteer and help out around the community and am in several other organizations besides the Bartow Youth Action Team , such as the United Community Bank's Junior Board of Directors. I really like being so involved in my school and community because it allows me to interact with people, which in turn makes me very happy. LOL. I love to travel and in the future I plan on living all around the country making personal connections with people from all walks of life.
Tara Rollins (Bartow Youth Action Team)
My name is Tara Rollins and I'm a senior at Adairsville High School. I'm a 4 year member of JROTC, I played soccer for 3 years and I ran cross country for one year. I think Youth Action Team is a great program for the youth of Bartow County because it gives high school students opportunities to be active in the community as well as interact with others.
Emily Allmon (Floyd Youth Action Team)
Hi, I'm Emily Allmon and I am a senior at Rome High School. For the most part I'm just your typical teenage girl; my favorite color is pink, I'm a huge one direction fan, I probably spend too much time on the internet, and I have never missed an episode of teen wolf. Some interesting things about me are that I'm left handed and I'm adopted. At school I'm involved in many organizations including national honor society, interact club, and science Olympiad. I am play clarinet in my school's band which is my favorite part about school. I guess I'm a major band nerd. My favorite school subjects are physics, history, and government and I am always eager to learn new things. I am currently still deciding on where I'm going to attend college this fall, but I know I want to major in political science and pre-law. I really want to pursue a career in the legal field preferably a lawyer or politician.

I like being on the youth action team mainly for one reason which is to HELP. I love helping others especially those who are in need or struggling. The youth action team is prefect way to be able to help, not only other people but to help improve the community and raise awareness of important issues in the community. By being on the youth action team I get to meet many new people, make a positive difference in the world, learn about local problems that I never knew about, and have fun doing. The youth action team is the perfect way for any teen to get involved in the community and help make it a better place.

Savanna Bonnette (Bartow Youth Action Team)
I am a junior at Adairsville High School, where I am an AP student. I am the vice-president of the Future Community Career Leaders of America (FCCLA), and a member of the Science Club and Science Olympiad. My senior year, I will also be on the United Community Bank Junior Board of Directors. My favorite activities include learning about history, reading poetry, watching documentaries, and debating politics. The privilege I look forward to most in the future is gaining the right to vote, because I am very passionate about my beliefs and actively advocate and support my causes. I hope to graduate as an honors graduate, and attend UGA on Zell-Miller to earn a masters degree or above in secondary history education. My aspiration is to teach AP history classes to high school students. To experience other cultures and discover the many different facets of humanity, I will one day join the Peace Corps and volunteer abroad.

Why do you think the Youth Action Team is important for our community? The Youth Action Team gives students an opportunity to include their opinions in decision making and action-taking, as well as meet other students who are passionate and inspired to impact the world in a positive way. The Team has started and participated in many efforts to better our local community, which more personally impacts individuals, and provides more attention to issues close to home.

Bayleigh Garlin (Bartow Youth Action Team)
I am currently a sophomore at Adairsville High School. I participate in competition cheer, football cheer, and basketball cheer. I am in HOSA and Beta Club. I come from a family of seven! ( i have three sisters and a brother) Meeting new people and making new friends is my all time favorite thing to do ever. I like dancing whenever and wherever, but most of all I LOVE life!!

I think the Youth Action Team is important to our community because it gives teens the opportunity to spread a positive influence to the rest of our community and other fellow teens.